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Security protection dog kenya

Protection Dogs Nairobi Kenya

Octagon Kennels Ltd speciality is training as well as supplying family and personal protection dogs to clients in Kenya, East Africa and African Countries. We remain the most respected company in this field, thanks to the quality of the dogs and training that we provide our customers with.

All our dogs are individually tailored to suit our clients' needs. All Protection training is done for real life scenario, not for sport. All of our trained dogs are excellent with children and are either good with or will ignore other pets and animals, they are also good with the general public. We train to provide the absolute best companions possible.

All handlers and their dogs will receive regular training and ongoing assessments. Our security dogs and handlers develop close relationships from working together day and night in many different situations from training to living together. All dogs are have regular health checks and are fully insured whilst on duty.

Over the recent years security dogs and protection dogs have become an increased asset for any security company. They have a proven track record of deterring many types of criminals. Are able to protect a hander and a client with speed and accuracy.

Where security personnel, even with near perfect vision, may not be able to see something accurately a guard dog can, they will locate and indicate an intruder or potential threat. Our guard dogs are trained to detect and challenge anyone who poses any threat, however small.