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wildlife detection dogs kenya

Wildlife / Scant Dogs Nairobi Kenya

Octagon Kennels Ltd provides specially trained wildlife detection dogs, handlers and trainers to aid your conservation efforts. We work on a variety of conservation projects from the smallest assistance to major assignments. We provide a professional and efficient approach to all your wildlife detection needs.

We breed and train train hand-selected dogs to head off traffickers before they can export prohibited products. Working in airports, seaports and other major transit points, our dogs can detect illegal wildlife products hidden in cargo no matter how well they are camouflaged, massively boosting the capacity of customs control.

Building upon techniques from drugs and explosives detection, we have pioneered ways to use dogs’ remarkable sense of smell to detect the signs of animals – scat and other biological markers such as hair, urine, carcasses, nests, dens, ivory, skin and bone.

Since dogs have no preconceptions about where the animal signs might be located, they work without bias. Dogs are capable of detecting anything that holds a scent. That includes pretty much everything and the possibilities are endless.br>br>

Our enthusiastic canines are specially trained to battle poachers. With incredible focus, they can locate even the smallest traces of prohibited products such as ivory, leopard skin, tiger claws, rhino horn, shark fin and bushmeat. Significantly, they can also sniff out firearms, poison and snares with an incredible 96 percent accuracy – taking a real bite out of the illicit poaching trade.