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 explosives detection dogs for hotels in nairobi kenya

Explosive Detection Dogs for Hotels in Kenya

Our firearms detection dog teams detect firearms, magazines, shells and shell casings. Buildings, vehicles, aircraft, ships, hotels, sporting events and conferences can all be searched by our highly experienced firearm detection dogs. Both dogs and handlers have undergone rigorous training and our handlers are all former police or military personnel.

Our firearms detection teams can be deployed in Africa or overseas, for long or short term contracts and for one-off events. Firearms detection dogs can locate the following items:- Firearms (cleaned and recently fired), Magazines (loaded and empty), Shells (both brass and shotgun) and Shell Casings (empty and have been discharged).

Supplying Green (untrained), Green Plus (Part Trained Course Ready) and Fully Trained dogs covering all detection and working disciplines, our ethos is simple, to lead the market in the provision of fit for purpose, proven canines and credible associated services, whilst maintaining professionalism, loyalty and a customer focused approach.

Specialising in the provision of expertly trained dogs for the detection of explosives, drugs, cadaver, firearms, cash, bed bugs and tobacco, our professional team of expert and experienced trainers are able to produce any number of detection dogs to suit each individual clients requirements.