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 Explosive detection dogs nairobi kenya

Security Dogs for Security Agencies in Kenya

Octagon Kennels Ltd is well equiped to provide explosives sniffer dogs in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burudi and other African Countries. We supply our dogs to police, military, Airport security and wildlife rangers. All our handlers have undergone and passed a rigorous and thorough assessment prior to being deployed in high-risk theatres.

Firearms & Explosives detection dogs are trained to find firearms, ammunition, and improvised explosive devices during route and building searches, open areas, and vehicle searches at all threat levels. Our Dogs are trained on a suite of target odours and work within strict parameters with all data sets available for customer interrogation.

An Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) remains the most consistent and reliable method of detecting explosives. Our explosive detection dog teams can be employed to search buildings, vehicles, aircraft, ships, hotels, sporting events and conferences.

"Bomb Dogs" as they are also called, are quicker, more effective and significantly more accurate than a human search team. They also provide a high profile deterrent and deliver reassurance to staff, visitors, customers and the general public.

Our highly experienced explosive detection dog teams have undergone rigorous training. We can work alongside your existing security staff for long or short contracts and for one-off events. Our explosive search dogs all have pet passports, which enable us to mobilise quickly if needed on overseas deployments.