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K9 Consulting Services in Kenya

Octagon Kennels Ltd offers consulting services where we can evaluate your situation or proposed project and offer a comprehensive programme to meet your circumstances. Our consulting services include evaluating your existing dogs and handlers to determine their performance and effectiveness. After assessing your situation and identifying your needs we can build a training programme to ensure productivity.

Octagon Kennels Ltd K9 consultancy services are of the highest quality, professionalism and value for money. Our services are designed by instructors with expansive experience in security and dog training.

Our instructors can train your existing dogs or train new dogs for you. Training can also include your existing handlers. We employ the most effective training method for the client’s situation. Dogs can be trained to play a pro-active or passive role in security provision.

Security guard dogs can be used for all sorts of scenarios, whether they are with a static guard on site at all times, through to looking for an active intruder/trespasser or searching for prohibited substances at an event. Security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than a human, which is leading many of our clients to opt for their services.

Canine Security dogs are also highly effective in scenarios where a lone security guard or small unit of security guards are faced with a situation where they would be outnumbered. They are also a more cost-effective way of having a further deterrent on site.