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Dogs & Handlers Training in Kenya

Puppy Training
Puppy training classes are probably the most important classes you will ever consider taking with your dog and in our view the most important classes we run. WHY? Because the first 22 weeks of any canine's life are key to healthy growth both physically and mentally.

A dog's learning capacity within this period is comparable to a young child and they are like sponges, soaking up information. A dog learns experientially and if the experiences are of a negative nature then this will adversely affect the dog's behaviour at the time and in the future.

Obedience Training
Our Obedience Classes run throughout the year in blocks of 8 weeks, each session being one hour in duration. They are conducted in an outdoor environment, our aims in this class are to develop an understanding of dogs, create an environment where our dogs can learn to socialise safely with other dogs and instill control in both the dog and handler. Although there is no upper age limit for dogs in this class, the minimum age is 6 months.

The Basic Class
This class is targeted at dogs over 6 months of age that have received no previous training and is similar in many respects to a puppy class, with the emphasis being on gaining control, building strong bonds and developing a keen sense of understanding between the handlers and their dogs. On completion of this course you will achieve a standard of obedience and control with your dog which will enable you to handle your dog in public areas in safety and with confidence.

The Advanced Class
This class takes our dog training to the next level, where we work on refining and honing our skills and the control of our dog. It is more demanding of the dog and the handler and requires more commitment and concentration. We introduce heel-free work where the dog is off the lead, distance control, extended periods of leaving the dog in a controlled position and the "emergency stop".