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 crowd control dogs in nairobi kenya

Security Dogs Breeding in Kenya

We specialise in breeding and training of German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Malinois, Blood Hounds and many more. We are a customer driven organization and our goal is to make our customers more profitable, safe and secure by working more efficiently.

Octagon Kennels Ltd is a regional kennel company specializing in breeding, training and supplying specialized skilled canines to various security agencies and service provision to organisations and institutions in the region. We offer a highly cost-effective solution services to meet the security needs.

With direct customer service and support, We work closely in the day-to- day operations of customers, understanding their challenges and helping them develop security strategies for the future. We are committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction and accompaniment for a long-term relationship and ongoing support.

We provide specialized dog services that includes:
. Outsourcing of EDD, MDD, Tracking and PEDD dogs
. Narcotics Detection Dogs
. Explosive Detection Dogs
. Contraband Detection Dogs
. Crowd Control Dogs
. Patrol or guard dogs
. Search and Rescue dogs
. Outsourcing of Working Dogs
. Kennel Administration and Management
. Recruiting and Training of both Dogs and Handlers
. Kennel Consultancy Services
. Dog Breeding
. Kennel Consultancy Services